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Among the launch games for the PlayStation 5, there is a license that has accompanied PlayStation for several years: LittleBigPlanet. The series which mixed platform and patchwork-based construction, with a strong community accent thanks to its creation and sharing of levels, is available this time in a more classic platform game that stars its hero Sackboy. Addressed to a younger audience than other launch titles, Sackboy A Big Adventure is he the one who can bring the family together around the console?

Sometimes inspired, often without risk


The patchwork world is invaded by Vex, a big bad guy who wants to make him disappear. A mission for Sackboy, destined to save his companions from the clutches of the sinister character. We are not going to lie, the story of Sackboy A Big Adventure is only an excuse for some rather funny cutscenes where parade a gallery of characters which direct our hero in a quest which exceeds him. The heart of the game is its undisguised inspiration to be sought from Nintendo and its Mario, with a progression by worlds and levels where the platform is embellished with some easily bypassed enemies. We can hit them, but especially jump on them to make them disappear, while collecting orbs to improve our final score. We can even find some similarities with a Spyro in the” title=”


English term meaning “Level”. The “level” can designate the level of a character (see this term) or the level of a game, which designates an area whose area is clearly delimited (see Level designer).

“>level design, although it is quickly repetitive and plan-plan, without ever taking too much risk. However, we notice an excellent thing: the musical levels. Like a Rayman Origins or Legends, Sackboy takes up well-known titles from the” title=”


Or repop. Monsters usually spawn in a specific geographic area. After being eliminated by a player, the “pop” of a monster designates its reappearance at varying intervals. Some particularly powerful or rare monsters may only “pop” once a week, for example, while others will respawn every minute. See also: Respawn

“>pop American, ranging from Madonna to Bruno Mars, to feed a few levels where the scenery and enemies move to the rhythm of the sound. These levels work very well and bring a real breath of fresh air to renew a level design that most often struggles to impose itself against those from which it tries to be inspired.


The fault also perhaps with a” title=”


English term difficult to translate designating both the set of rules governing the game and the enjoyment of the game. An MMOG with innovative gameplay will offer a unique gaming experience to the player. Likewise, a game claiming “good gameplay” will be fun and engaging.

“>gameplay rather heavy, with an inertia specific to LittleBigPlanet which hardly applies to this new formula. Moving Sackboy in the middle of this world is not always the most pleasant, even if the few items and powers that we collect along the way allow him to renew his gameplay loop. Whether it’s boomerangs or laser shots, anything is good for overcoming obstacles that mainly use the ability to “grab” an object, an element inherited from LittleBigPlanet. Shoot an object, carry it and bring it elsewhere, hold a wall or a zip line, all of these actions that allow you to progress until you reach the end of the” title=”


The “level” of a character symbolizes his degree of expertise. When created, the character starts at level 1 and accumulates experience (see this term) to level up. The higher the level, the more powerful the character and has various skills.

“> level. To bring more diversity, the game also offers some racing levels where you have to try to get to the end in record time. These levels are often successful and are based on finding the perfect course to never stop or deviate from our trajectory. Finally, all the levels are full of secrets, objects that essentially allow you to win new outfits to be worn by our Sackboy. Either by recovering the currency that allows you to buy it from a merchant named Zom Zom, or by collecting all the coins of the same outfit. Without impact on the gameplay, we must admit that these outfits are an integral part of the identity of the series and that it is always fun to discover how we can dress our hero.


Sackboy A Big Adventure also largely takes over the artistic direction that made the identity of LitteBigPlanet, with its quilts and colors in a world where giant objects get in the way of our little characters. While the style doesn’t appeal to everyone, it still has a pretty visual consistency. The few worlds on offer have their own atmosphere, ranging from the jungle to a futuristic universe, but they always keep the same idea of ​​opposition between the small characters and the immensity of the world around them. A world where we throw all kinds of objects that do not always have an obvious relationship with each other, like a patchwork. This makes the game rather pleasant to browse as the ideas abound in these environments which sometimes compensate for the lack of inspiration of the level design.

The community by the wayside


A question remains, however. The game is friendly, rarely very inspired, but it offers some pleasant levels and a charming universe. A universe whose end we see after ten hours, more for people who want 100% of the rewards, and that we would have liked to extend thanks to its community. LittleBigPlanet relies almost entirely on its players, it is even the identity of the series thanks to its creation and sharing of levels. An element absent from this Sackboy where the community is completely forgotten. Neither level editor nor sharing for a game that completely frees itself from the spirit of its elders for this spin-off which borrows rather from the tenors of the platform. However, he does not necessarily have the weapons to face them, even if his presence on PlayStation 5 so that it will have very few competitors in this genre anyway. And that’s a shame, because this new approach to gameplay could have allowed the community to have a blast – and we know the talent of LittleBigPlanet fans.


Too bad also that at launch the game does not benefit from online multiplayer. Exclusively playable locally, it will be necessary to wait for a next update, normally before the end of the year, to play it online. We would have liked to be able to do it from launch, especially since some levels are exclusively playable in cooperation. However, fear not since these levels are secondary and in no way hinder the normal progression of the game, although they are essential in the race for the platinum trophy for those who are interested.


Sympathetic at most, Sackboy A Big Adventure has at least the merit of being accessible to a younger and more diverse audience than the other titles published by Sony at the launch of its new console. We readily recognize the inventiveness of some levels, especially the musical ones, where the game unfolds its best moments. However, these are only a handful in the middle of a torrent of more classic, less interesting levels, where the level design has all the difficulties in the world to hold up when compared to other licenses. We still face an enchanting universe and a small character, Sackboy, rather endearing in a nice story that never misses an opportunity to give a smile.

Test carried out by Hachim0n on PlayStation 5 from a version provided by the publisher.


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