“Sacred Fire Emblem Heroes Gathering” Heritage Hero Summoning Event “Guardian Dragonman Mel” is about to debut in “Fire Emblem Heroes”

Nintendo’s smartphone game “Sacred Fire Conquerors Heroes Gathered(ファイアーエムブレムヒーローズ)” (iOS / Android) announced that it will hold a heritage hero summoning event “Guardian Dragon Maier” from 15:00 on May 31, 2022 to 14:59 on June 14, 2022.

From the “Light Stone of the Holy Fire Conquering the Demons”, the hero of the Dragon Man heritage who protects people debuts. In the Heritage Hero Summoning event, including the heritage heroes and god-level heroes who appeared in the past, heroes who will only be partners with ★5 will gather together. During the event period, the special map – Legacy Hero Battle “Guardian Dragonman Mel” will be released at the same time.

Japanese version video

English version of the video

Guardian Dragonman Mel

  • Inheritance effect: “Wind” HP+3, Defense+4
    In the season of “wind”,
    A friend who has been blessed with “Wind”,
    Attack with this hero, and you will get the inheritance effect blessing.

    • Permanent Effect 1: Deathmatch
      When this heritage hero
      When you are ★5 and level 40, in the arena, etc.
      Even if you have low stats, there will be opponents with high scores.
      (Without breaking the limit and skill effects, etc.,
      If your total stat is less than 190,
      then the total of your own ability value will be regarded as 190)
    • Permanent Effect 2: Duo Combination
      An ability that can only be used in certain battles.
      When this heritage hero strikes,
      You can fight with the heroes who form a “Double Team” in the partner menu.
  • Representative Skill: “Dragon God Breath”
    Power: 16 Range: 1
    When the enemy’s attack range is 2 blocks, the damage is calculated based on the lower of its defense and magic defense.
    Easy to activate mysticism (activation meter – 1)
    When attacking by yourself,
    or when there are allied units within 2 squares,
    In battle, the enemy’s attack, speed, defense, magic defense – 5,
    You must be able to pursue yourself,
    And the range of mystical damage received
    And the attack damage received in battle is reduced by 30%
    (Except the scope of the giant shadow, the profound meaning)

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