Sadly, ‘Covid’ kills daughter The father is afraid that the son is hot. Find an umbrella to cover the sun.

At 12 noon, the Sai Mai Police Station received a notification that a woman had died in the middle of a road inside Soi Mae Phiew. Koh Suwannaram Temple Road District and Sai Mai District, Bangkok. Therefore, they inspected and coordinated with doctors, Bhumibol Hospital and staff of the Po Tek Tung Foundation.

The scene of the accident was in the middle of the alley in front of an unnamed grocery store. Miss Suchada, 30, was found dead in the middle of the road, lying on her back. and from asking the villagers that The deceased walked out of the house. before falling asleep in the middle of the road Before the deceased father came to help pump the heart but was unable to After the son died, the father brought an umbrella to spread the sun to the dead daughter’s body lying in the middle of the road. It was a very depressing sight for those who saw it.

From the preliminary assessment, officials expected it to be an infected person. therefore coordinating the COVID-19 staff Came in to do a swab with an ATK test kit, found the death to be positive. Officials then screened the area and randomly screened more than 30 people in the home, and five found positive results, two of the five being the mother and sister of the deceased. The father of the deceased And others, officials have advised to quarantine in the waiting room.

While Mr. Suthep, 61 years old, the father of the deceased said that the person who died was the youngest daughter. and a special child In the past, he had been vaccinated. But the eldest daughter, wife and youngest daughter have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Previously, the youngest daughter had a fever for a few days, so today she took her to the doctor, but she was late. Others just found out that they were infected today because they didn’t show any symptoms.


Mr. Ekaphop Leungprasert, an assistant to the Sai Mai District Council, said that from the inspection It was found that the deceased had been infected with coronavirus, so the ATK test was taken to test for the infection and found that the mother and sister tested positive, while the father did not find the virus. After this, the Foundation staff will bring the body to the funeral immediately at Nong Phak Chi Temple. In Soi Phahonyothin 52

“As for the five infected people, they were sent to the hospital for treatment. Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital Tomorrow, the relevant agencies will be coordinated to inspect and disinfect the houses of those who are infected. Including all the houses in the alley because the deceased and other infected people have houses near the shops in the middle of the alley. which people in the alley come to buy things regularly



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