Safari 15.1 will restore classic tabs on macOS Big Sur and Catalina

After months of procrastination, macOS Monterey will finally come out with a Safari with classic tabs, the experiments around these having given nothing good. But you have surely already installed Safari 15 on macOS Big Sur or Catalina, since this version is available since mid-September.

Classic tabs in Safari 15.1. The “compact” layout, which merges the tab bar and the address bar, remains available as an option.

Rest assured, even if your Mac not compatible with Monterey, you will soon be able to find classic tabs on Safari. Version 15.1 of the browser intended for Big Sur and Catalina restores the good old tabs related to the address bar. This version is currently available in beta for developers. It will undoubtedly be offered to all users around the release of Monterey on October 25.


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