Safety rope cut; Woman tries to bring down painting workers from 26th floor | women cuts safety rope of painting workers

Thailand: A young woman tries to knock down two painting workers from the top of the 26th floor of a multi-storey apartment complex. A resident of the apartment complex tried to endanger the two. But both escaped with their heads cut off. The shocking incident took place in Thailand. Its video went viral on social media.

According to media reports, she cut the rope because she was angry that she had not been notified in advance about working in front of her apartment. Fortunately, a couple of residents of the complex were spotted and rescued, the Associated Press reported.

The woman was arrested following the incident and a case of attempted murder has been registered, Pakistani Colonel Pongjak Preechakarunpong told reporters. The woman, who initially denied the allegations, later pleaded guilty when questioned by police with detailed evidence, including fingerprints.

The woman was cutting ropes on the 26th floor as workers descended from the 32nd floor of the building. The Pakistani police chief did not say what prompted the woman to cut the rope. But the media reported that she was upset at the work outside her apartment and that is why the young woman did exactly that.

Content highlights: Women cuts safety rope of painting workers on 26th floor, workers rescued; video viral


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