Sahara: El Mokhtar Ghambou calls on the Kenyan government to support the Moroccan initiative of autonomy

Moroccan Ambassador to Kenya El Mokhtar Ghambou called on the government kenyan to support the Moroccan autonomy initiative as “the only realistic and achievable solution” to the Sahara issue.

In an interview with the Kenyan daily “The Star”, the Moroccan diplomat called on Kenya, a newly elected non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (2021-2022), to join the United States and African countries which supported the autonomy plan for the southern provinces as a just and lasting solution to definitively end the regional dispute over the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.

“Kenya and Morocco play a major role in Africa as leading countries in their respective regions. As a newly elected non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (2021-2022), Kenya has all the means to defend the unity of African countries by promoting peace and economic prosperity on our continent. Territorial integrity is as sacred for Kenya as it is for Morocco, “said the Moroccan ambassador.

“Our two nations subscribe to the African Union charter of non-interference of one member state in the internal affairs of another. Therefore, I call on the Republic of Kenya to join the United States and the countries Africans who supported our proposal for the autonomy of the southern provinces under Moroccan sovereignty as the sole basis for a just and lasting solution to the artificial regional conflict, “said Mr. Ghambou in this interview published this Monday, January 04, 2021.

The Moroccan diplomat wished to recall, in this context, that many Kenyan government officials, parliamentarians and journalists who have had the chance to visit the southern provinces over the past five years were both “surprised “by the momentum of economic and social development experienced by the Moroccan Sahara.

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Since 1975, Morocco has invested seven times more for each dirham earned in the region, in addition to subsidizing basic products such as oil, cooking gas, tea and sugar, said Mr. Ghambou, adding that the Sahara “is slowly transforming into a major economic hub on the Atlantic Ocean, with the potential to attract more investors from sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the Americas”.

Moreover, he added, the fact that more than 18 countries have opened consulates in the Sahara while others will in the future, is one of the best examples of creative and vigorous Moroccan diplomacy. , operating under the visionary leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

“Our diplomacy has been very successful in denouncing the fallacious theses propagated by the Algerian regime and its separatist puppet, in particular after Morocco’s return to the African Union in January 2017. Morocco returned with force to the AU with a solid package of economic and social projects in the service of pan-African cooperation “, Mr. Ghambou said.

Mr. Ghambou also affirmed that the recognition by the American administration of the full sovereignty of Morocco over its southern provinces “is the result of an accumulation of historical and political events, which all testify to a treaty of friendship. long standing as well as a modern strategic and economic partnership between our two countries “.

The diplomatic influence of the United States as a major member of the Security Council will very likely put an end to this regional conflict orchestrated from scratch by Algeria to serve its own narrow and narrow political interests, said the Moroccan diplomat, adding that the American investment plan in the Moroccan Sahara will not only benefit the southern regions of Morocco, but also the Sahel region and sub-Saharan Africa.

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“The Kingdom of Morocco is a 14 centuries old nation, not a country carved out of a modern colonial map. No one can force us to make a decision that we are not fully convinced of,” Ghambou replied to the question of the resumption of relations between Morocco and the State of Israel.

The Moroccan diplomat stressed that the current Constitution recognizes the Jewish heritage as an integral component of our plural national identity. “Almost a million Moroccan Jews live in Israel today and their spiritual rights are protected by the historic status of His Majesty the King as Commander of the Faithful,” he explained.

Moreover, he added, resuming diplomatic relations with Israel will certainly give Morocco more leverage to push for a two-state solution and end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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