Saif Nabil longs for his followers to release his new song

The Iraqi artist, Saif Nabil, posted a video on his social media account, in which he revealed his new song, titled Universal, through his YouTube channel.

Followers longed for the song, with Teaser publishing it, commenting: “Exclusively an international song. Listen to it in full on my official YouTube channel.”

Seif filmed the song as a video clip with Lebanese director Dan Haddad, written by Mohamed Al-Wasef, composed by Seif Nabil and arranged by Omar Al-Sabbagh.

The beginning of the song says: “My wounds after you have become global
just hurt
In the group, nothing remained, my love, sober with it
What is from you
In my world, I have not seen, believe me from you
Where is your hug
I can’t be separated from you.”

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