Sails and paddles between the peaks

Apurímac, the call of the river

With Apurimac, a documentary by Hugo Clouzeau, we descend the white waters of a raging Rio in the Andes cordillera. Seventeen days on a river and 150 kilometers to cover. Six kayakers – Boris, Coldo, Daron, Hugo, Stéphane and Loulou – undertake this very perilous journey in their green canoes, find camps in the evening “the hard”, pass by huge siphons, sliding like mad on a raging stream, frightening themselves, living an adventure beyond the reach of ordinary people. And in difficult passages they carry, carry over and over again their boats to the length of the rock.

And then, as if it was bound to happen, they had told each other to be careful, a kayak disappears, left for a moment in the wrong place, wrong time. Daron: “They don’t know where it is, the kayak was badly set up. We don’t have the right to lose it, we need everything that’s in it. When I turned around, I no longer had my boat on the small beach. All my survival kits, my sleeping bag, my dry things, I lost everything “.

What to cry about. They sensed it but had little idea of ​​the consequences of losing a kayak. “We felt in danger because it put us in a situation where we had to potentially trigger the helicopter rescue, explains Hugo. There was a mixture of nervousness and guilt, he made a mistake but it was also up to us to look after each other.»

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Daron will have to continue on foot going up the green corridor. Fortunately, this is where one of the few trails appears along the canyon, allowing him to reach a footbridge and meet his team. “Seeing him go alone in these mountains, I remember having experienced a strange feeling, that of abandoning him.” Hugo concludes their adventure thus: “We wanted to get out of this river for different reasons. Not because it was unpleasant, but mostly because it was long and hard. And then there was a kind of oppression to be experienced at the bottom of the river, surrounded by rocks, mountains and the incessant noise of water and rapids. “ However, perched on top of an Inca temple, they see the Río in the distance and one of them sums up their philosophy: “The river, you just want to see it… and go back to it.”

Apurimac, the call of the river by Hugo Clouzeau. 43 minutes

Lost in Karakorum

Another sensation of this summer-winter edition, Lost in Karakorum by Damien Lacaze, Antoine Girard and Jérémie Chenal narrates an adventure of paragliders at extreme heights. Let’s go for 1,500 kilometers in bivouac flight in the heart of a Himalayan chain reputed to be the “Most beautiful in the world”.

And also the highest, since the flying fools will touch 8,000 meters with their veil, where it is necessary, according to Antoine, “Constantly concentrating to calm down, breathe deeply, succeed in relaxing, otherwise it can become really dangerous”. Because, so high, they can fall prey to hypoxia, where the brain is not sufficiently irrigated, a state where the “Choices are altered”. A great documentary where we learn, among other things, that paragliders are not made “only” to go down the mountain, but that you can also use it to… go up.

Lost in Karakorum by Damien Lacaze, Antoine Girard and Jérémie Chenal. 30 minutes.

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