Saint-Jérôme: COVID-19 kills a father of only 27 years old

Two toddlers find themselves orphans after their father who had delayed getting vaccinated fought for two weeks against COVID-19 in intensive care at the Saint-Jérôme hospital.

“I don’t even know yet how to tell my son [le décès de son père] Elise Dupras breathes with a broken voice.

Her ex-spouse and friend Kevin Smith-Chartrée lost his life on Friday after a long battle with COVID-19, according to relatives.

A few days after being declared positive for the virus, the 27-year-old man made his first stay at the Laurentian hospital.

On September 9, he was back in his hospital bed where he was intubated and in a coma for 14 days before passing away.

Kevin Smith-Chartrée is survived by his 6 year old son Malorik and 2 year old Elyanna.

“His departure is extremely difficult to accept. He is a loving dad and proud of his two children, ”says Gabrielle Sabourin, the girl’s mother.

Like a flu … which degenerates

At the start of his illness, he had flu-like symptoms, says his father, Mario Smith. It hit her lungs. He started to have really trouble breathing, ”he says.

The young man was slow to get vaccinated.

“Like many, he did not believe in COVID-19, deplores Mr. Smith. I told him: “You absolutely have to get vaccinated”. We often tried to talk to him about it. Every time we saw him, ”he adds.

By dint of discussion with his father, he had received a first dose in mid-August, a few days before contracting the virus.

He had a scheduled appointment to receive his second vaccine. This was to take place a few days before his death.

Share to raise awareness

Mario Smith shares his son’s story to send a clear message. “Get vaccinated, this disease exists for real. You can have [des symptômes] weak, but it can also be very strong, like Kevin. This is not a joke ».

“We weren’t expecting it. He’s a fit, healthy guy who worked on construction, ”drops Michelina Mastrogiacomo, who considers Kevin“ like an adopted son ”.

Before that, she herself was not completely sure that she wanted to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, she regrets today.

“I can’t believe he had to die for that. Not just one, both doses are important. Can we put all the chances on our side? We might not have [perdu] our Kevin, ”says Ms. Mastrogiacomo.


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