Sainte-Ode, Bouillon, Hélécine… here are the municipalities most affected on Tuesday 8 December

There were an average of 191.9 daily hospital admissions for novel coronavirus infection between Tuesday, December 1 and Monday, December 7, according to Sciensano data released Tuesday morning. If, compared to the previous seven-day period, the average is down (-12%), it is higher than that published yesterday and therefore confirms that the admissions are more numerous in the last days.

Every day between November 28 and December 4, about 105.6 people lost their lives testing positive for the virus (-18.6%). More than half of these deaths are those of residents of nursing and care homes, who died in their place of residence or in hospital.

The average number of confirmed contaminations over this same period was 2,132.9, still down slightly compared to the previous seven days (-9%). Marked reductions in the number of contaminations are observed in the south of the country (with the exception of Luxembourg and Walloon Brabant), in Brussels (-21%) and in the German-speaking Community (-26%), while they tend to decrease. stabilize in Flanders (+ 1% in Antwerp, -1% in Flemish Brabant, -6% in East Flanders) or even increase significantly in West Flanders (+ 10%).

Since the start of the epidemic, 592,615 people have been officially infected in Belgium.

The numbers in your municipality

In the infographics below, you can find the number of cases reported in your town yesterday, since the start of the epidemic, as well as since October 19, i.e. the closure of the hospitality industry and the establishment of the curfew. .

Also find the table with the incidence rate in your municipality. The higher this number, the more problematic the situation.


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