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19:09 15 September 2021

Health care, Sakhalin Region

To immunize children, Sakhalin Oblast received 29,500 doses of influenza vaccine. Supplies to the regions are carried out by the Russian Ministry of Health. For the vaccination of children, proven drugs are used, the composition of which complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Free vaccination of children is organized in medical institutions, preschool and educational organizations. Children aged 6 months to 3 years are vaccinated twice, children over 3 years old – once. Depending on the age, the child can be vaccinated at the same time against pneumococcal, meningococcal, pertussis, rotavirus infection and chickenpox.

– To form a strong immunity, you need to give an injection to a child in advance, before the incidence rises. Usually, immunity is formed within two to three weeks, – said Irina Khegai, deputy director of the medical department of the Ministry of Health of the Sakhalin Region.

Parents of children not attending preschool institutions or other organized groups have already begun to apply to the polyclinic for vaccinations. In kindergartens and schools, immunization is carried out in accordance with a signed informed consent from the official representative of the child.

– It so happened that last year we did not have time to vaccinate our son – he fell ill. This time we hope that we will be on time, we promised that the school will be vaccinated in the near future. Among my acquaintances there are parents who do not want their children to be vaccinated. They believe the vaccine is of no use. I have a different opinion. Children actively interact with each other, and the virus spreads among them at a tremendous speed, – shared her opinion Svetlana Mironova, a resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Modern vaccines are the most effective, convenient and safe means of preventing the disease. As of September 15, 304 children in the Sakhalin Region have already been vaccinated against influenza. Vaccinations are carried out in all areas. In the near future, the delivery of the next batch of the drug is expected, reports IA Sakh.kom with reference to the regional Ministry of Health.

There are contraindications. A specialist consultation is required.


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