Sakkara, the city of the dead, released dozens of ancient Egyptian coffins

Only one percent exposed

The archaeologists can hope for further discoveries at the site. “Saqqara has only released around one percent of what is hidden there,” said Al-Anani. “If we continue to work, we can be expected to find more graves of humans and animals.” The excavations are far from over.

Once a Friefhof, today a World Heritage Site

Saqqara is located on the Nile south of Cairo and served as a cemetery for the capital of the Memphis Empire in Pharaonic times. The sight, popular with tourists, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pyramids of Saqqara are considered a “great masterpiece of architectural design”, as Unesco writes. There is also the famous 5,000 year old step pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser.

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