Salaries at Mercadona: how much their employees earn

Mercadona pays one of the highest wages in the food sector, a circumstance that, together with the working conditions of the Valencian supermarket chain, are the two basic pillars on which the interest of workers to obtain employment in the multinational chaired by Juan Roig is consolidated. And it is that Mercadona’s workforce is among the best paid in its area, something that is obviously very attractive to its potential future employees.

Salaries at Mercadona: how much their employees earn

The salary of Mercadona employees it depends on its antiquity within the company. A person who does not spend the year within the supermarket chain, the lowest salary, receives an average gross salary of more than 1,300 euros per month, which, after the corresponding deductions, is almost 1,200 euros net.

To these salaries must be added the premium he annually distributes Mercadona among its staff. This extra payment is paid at a monthly rate for all those workers who are below the fifth tranche (who have been in the company for up to four years), while those who are already above it (from of the fifth year as Mercadona staff) receive two bonuses.

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