Sale of masks: nearly 100 million euros in turnover for large-scale distribution

Authorized to sell masks for the general public since the beginning of May, the mass distribution achieved a considerable turnover. According to calculations by Nielsen, the customers of these department stores have indeed purchased masks for 94 million euros. From May 4 to 24, these sales of surgical masks and cloth even represented 16% of the growth in consumer products. If it is not a question of profits – since the signs sold at cost price – it is, according to Nielsen, a market share much higher than normal for this sector.

57% of mask sales were made by supermarkets, while the latter represent 37% of the turnover of mass consumption. “Rarely do ‘new’ product categories generate such significant purchases; with 94 million euros in 3 weeks, all the masks generated for stores a turnover higher than important product categories, such as butter, eggs or detergents, “Nielsen told LSA.


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