Saliba boss of defense, Paris without inspiration

The strength of the Marseille defense symbolized by Saliba, the promises of Nuno Mendes, but also the poor performance of PSG: find the Tops and Flops of the editorial staff at the end of the Classic between OM and PSG (0-0 ).


Saliba held his rank well
William Saliba will long remember the 84e minute of this OM-PSG. Launched in depth, Mbappé has indeed tumbled in front of him and seemed ready to enter the area. Except that, resisting the speed of the Parisian striker, he managed to tackle cleanly to repel a certain danger. The defensive gesture of the evening undoubtedly and the symbol of a successful match from all points of view.

Solidarity like OM
Overall, the entire Marseille team is to be praised in its defensive performance. Close to each other, the Phocaeans left no space for the Parisians. Back as holder, Caleta-Car signed a big performance with a lot of saving interventions, as well as Luan Peres, yet decried since the start of the season. It should also be noted the activity of Pol Lirola on the right, who took advantage of the lack of defensive rigor of the Parisians to rush into the spaces.

Nuno Mendes, rare satisfaction in Paris
He is only 19 years old but he does not seem to be cold in the eyes. Nuno Mendes did not seem disturbed by the electric atmosphere of the Velodrome and regularly brought danger to his left lane. Sometimes accomplice with Mbappé, he always wanted to bring offensively, even when his team was at ten. One of the rare satisfactions in the Parisian ranks.

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Paris, without collective and without ideas
The matches are linked and the observation remains the same: the Pochettino leg is slow to be seen. As often this season, PSG have owned the ball. But as often, he seemed unable to unbalance his opponent over time. With initiatives more individual than collective and the unpleasant impression that everyone is playing their part on their own. Even if they were reduced to ten before the hour mark, the Parisians still displayed their shortcomings of the moment at 11 against 11.

Hakimi no longer has the coast
This may be the turning point of this Classic with Achraf Hakimi sent off for a foul on Under, who started on goal, in the 57th minute. A red that allowed OM to exist with the ball and to wake up its Vélodrome. The Moroccan has thus shown his difficulties in defense against the stirring Under and seems to be out of breath lately after a promising start. No longer bringing his back in front, he missed this meeting at the Vélodrome.

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Neymar, still unrecognizable
PSG number 10 looks more and more like any player. Back in the Parisian eleven, the Brazilian seemed very clumsy when it came time to finish the actions. Not lively enough, he has nothing of the Neymar that unbalanced any defense three years ago. He penalized his team in the offensive game by accumulating bad choices.

Mbappé and Messi, powerless
They were expected as the strong men of PSG at the Vélodrome. Except that they couldn’t find the loophole. Messi was the one to have tried his luck the most (4 shots) but he was unsuccessful, his header being slammed under his bar by Pau Lopez (26e). As for Mbappé, he seemed less impactful with the ball in his foot and also missed a great opportunity against the OM goalkeeper (31e). Two major assets that have been like their team: little inspired.


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