Salto has won over 100,000 users in three weeks

Salto settles into the landscape. According to our information, the video-on-demand subscription service operated by TF1, M6 and France Télévisions recruited around 100,000 users during its first three weeks of existence. A rather encouraging start. By comparison, in September 2014, when it arrived in France, Netflix had reached this gauge in the space of two weeks. Since then, SVOD has become more democratic. But at the same time, the competition has also increased …

Nothing has yet been decided since these early registrants to the French platform benefited, as for Netflix at the time, from a month of free trial. From Friday, this offer will lapse for some of them. The opportunity to check how many will convert to paid plans which range from 6.99 euros to 12.99 euros.

If Salto refuses to comment on this figure of 100,000 users garnered in three weeks, the service has nevertheless agreed to share some data on the profile of subscribers and their mode of consumption. “Our users spend on average more than 2 hours a day and up to 2:30 a.m. on weekends, details Thomas Follin, CEO of Salto. And this trend is increasing. We also note that households that use the platform connect 10 times a week on average. These first returns are very promising, it proves that Salto, once adopted, is anchored in the uses».

Another teaching, “more than a third of subscribers consume live and streaming programs», Continues the manager. The service’s particularity is to offer a “seamless” passage between the world of linear television and that of streaming, on demand. Proof that Salto is not only aimed at the young generation, “a quarter of users are over 50 and 60% are between 25 and 49“. In addition, “82% of users live outside Paris“. Or precisely? “They are equally distributed in all regions of France, between urban and non-urban areas. This is proof that Salto is a popular offer. This is not the prerogative of urban CSP +», assure Thomas Follin.

Agreement with a telecom operator

On average, between 2 and 6 screens are connected in households subscribed to Salto. And 30% of consumption is done on the television. It may be more tomorrow. Salto must be deployed in particular on new ranges of televisions. Above all, the service should also arrive on the boxes of Telecom operators. “We have already signed a distribution agreement with an ISP and we are in discussions with others», Confides the CEO, without however disclosing the name of the operator in question.

As for the typology of the content viewed, it is “more than 50% French creations“. This corresponds to the offer of Salto, whose ambition is to be “the biggest showcase” of French programs. Alongside series and fiction which take the lion’s share, 35% of consumption however concerns entertainment, magazines, documentaries … Among the 10,000 hours of programs available, The Embarcadero, the original series from the creator of Paper house, or They were 10, the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel “Ten Little Negroes”, are acclaimed. As well as the previews of the daily soap operas DNA, Here it all begins, A great sun and a more beautiful life. But that does not prevent “TV comforter brands“, Such Desperate Housewife, to be among the most popular programs on Salto …


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