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Salto: the launch of the TF1, M6 and France TV platform postponed to the fall


Faced with real difficulties in supplying its catalog before launch, Salto will review its roadmap and postpone its launch. The baby of TF1, M6 and France Télévisions should not show up before the fall.

After many delays, Salto seemed on track to finally see the light of day on June 3, 2020. This will ultimately not be the case. While the streaming platform born from the alliance between the TF1, M6 and France Télévisions groups intended to offer itself a summer in public beta before an official launch in September, The echoes reveal that there will be only a private beta of limited scope in June, while a commercial opening of the service in September seems less and less probable. Salto confirms that the calendar tends to “slide” towards the end of the year. Beginnings in the fall, without further details, are currently being considered.

On the technical side, the service would have no delay to deplore, and could even have taken advantage of the confinement to launch itself during a period of high demand for streaming offers. Only problem: the catalog is not yet very stocked. A launch in front of a heavyweight entertainment like Disney + would have left Salto little chance to exist. In addition, it is this same problematic of catalog which condemns an opening of the service from the month of June. Indeed, a number of shootings are at a standstill, including those of programs on which the platform counts. And the situation is not much better with regard to foreign programs, dubbing currently being suspended.

According to The echoes, a reflection on prices would also have been launched to better take into account the competition, even if the platform is more an extra service than a real rival for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +. Salto could thus offer lower prices to distinguish themselves and quickly attract customers. As a reminder, no price has yet been formalized, but the corridor noises indicate two offers whose prices range between 2 and 8 €.



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