Salvador Alas, “La Choly”, resigns from his post in the Government as Youth Commissioner | News from El Salvador

Bukele said via Twitter that he will not be replaced and that the position will be removed from the Presidency structure. The resignation occurred on December 23, 2020, but it is until today that it was announced by the president.

Salvador Alas, known in the media as “La Choly”, resigned from his position in the government cabinet as Youth Commissioner, which was assigned to him by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, in 2019 after his arrival to the Executive .

Bukele announced Alas’s resignation. He said through Twitter that he had accepted the resignation on December 23, 2020, and his position would not be filled by anyone else, as it will be deleted from the structure of the Presidency.

According to the president, Alas will return to work in the field of broadcasting.

The appointment of La Choly, who was in charge of formulating projects aimed at young people as part of the second phase of the Government’s security plan, had generated strong criticism from the population.

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In social networks, users constantly pointed out that this position reflected “once again the bad decisions of the Bukele government” to assign responsibilities to people who are not suitable for the position. The radio host was also harshly criticized for the salary he earned.

Bukele also announced that Luis Rodríguez, former Commissioner for Strategic Projects of the Presidency, has been appointed as Country Director at the Central American Bank for Economic Integration. Therefore, he will no longer compete as a representative of New Ideas in the next elections and his candidacy will be replaced.

The president said that he will announce more changes in the cabinet soon.

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