Salvador Nasralla: ‘20% of our population lives in the United States and Spain’

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Former presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla said Saturday, February 1, in his speech at the World Peace Media Conference that “20% of our population lives in the United States and Spain; and normally the family man emigrates first.”

Analysis of Pew Research Center with data of the American Community Survey from the Census Bureau They point out that by 2013 about 791,000 Hondurans lived in that country.

For 2016 the figure increased to 973,974 compatriots.

Ricardo Puerta, an expert on immigration issues, assured THE HERALD that approximately one million 400 thousand Hondurans live in the United States, of which about 360 thousand are irregular, although it did not provide the name of the studies that support this figure.

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“Now with the caravans the number of irregular migrants has obviously increased, it is an estimate,” said the sociologist, who also has more than 40 years of experience in development issues in Latin America.

Although there are no recent official data on compatriots in U.S, the sources consulted agree that this nation is the first option for the catrachos fleeing the poverty, insecurity and violence of Honduras.

On the other hand, a total of 105,943 nationals live in Spain, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) of that nation.

That is, if we add the 791,000 Hondurans who lived in the United States for 2013 with the population register of Spain (105,943) We have a figure of almost 900,000 catrachos in those two countries.

If we apply the rule of three to the previous data with the Honduran population of 9.2 million inhabitants – according to the INE – it results in compatriots in the United States and Spain representing 9.7% of the population.

But if we do the same procedure with the 973,974 (2016) that, according to the US census, reside in U.S, the percentage of compatriots in these two countries represent 11.68% of the total population.

The presenter could also refer to the fact that if we add both amounts (the population of Honduras plus the compatriots in the US and Spain) we have that 20% ratio as a result.

However, adding the three quantities (catrachos in Honduras, the United States and Spain) results in 10.1 million Hondurans, a figure that causes the relationship to fall to 8.8%

Which means that the statements issued by Salvador Nasralla, are false, since Hondurans living in United States and Spain They are not “20% of our population”.

Who migrates first?

In his statements, the “lord of television”, as Salvador Nasralla is also called, said that “the family man emigrates first”, mentioning that many children are left without the father figure due to this phenomenon.

But these data depend on the country to which the Hondurans In Spain, for example, the figures show that women are the ones who travel the most and stay residing in that nation. There are 77,717 compatriots (three out of four Hondurans), according to the INE population register.

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For 2016, the IPUMS of the American Community Survey He published in his report that there were almost 12,500 more men than Honduran women living in the United States. In percentages, 50.6% were men and the rest were women (49.4%).


While the data provided by Salvador Nasralla show their degree of concern, the statement issued is false and inaccurate, since the percentage of Hondurans in the United States and Spain would not exceed 11.68% of the total population, in contrast to 20% affirmed by the former presidential candidate.


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