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Salzburg no longer sends contact persons into quarantine

Because of the high number of new infections, only those infected are officially recorded for the time being. Comprehensive contact tracing is only available in sensitive areas.

In Salzburg, contact tracing has to be done before the high number of new corona infections every day capitulate. Until further notice, only infected people will be officially recorded and sent to quarantine. Close contact persons such as household members are no longer officially segregated, the country announced on Thursday. There is also comprehensive contact person management for sensitive areas such as senior citizens’ homes and facilities for people with disabilities.

Close contact persons are also no longer actively subjected to an official test, explained Colonel Peter Schinnerl, the head of the country’s central corona management. He appealed to personal responsibility. “If you test positive, it is now up to each individual to contact their environment.” Persons who have been vaccinated three times and if the FFP2 mask has been worn permanently and correctly are also not considered to be contact persons.

Step-by-step plan activated

On Wednesday, Governor Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) declared at the meeting of the State Parliament Committee that the state’s step-by-step plan for contact tracing had been activated. People from the regional service and from Salzburg AG were asked to help. “Up to 2,000 cases a day are still reasonably feasible, with between 2,000 and 4,000 cases a day only more index persons can be recorded.” In addition, contact tracing is no longer useful.

After the all-time high of 2514 new infections within 24 hours on Wednesday yesterday, 1736 new cases were reported for Salzburg on Thursday morning. According to EMS, the number of actively infected people in the state is currently 12,643. The situation in the hospitals remains stable: In the morning there were 60 Covid-19 patients in the hospital, 15 of them in the intensive care unit.


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