Samahara Lobatón celebrates her baby’s first month, alongside her family

On October 15, Samahara Lobatón and her boyfriend Youna welcomed their daughter Xianna. On the last Sunday, exactly one month later, the couple celebrated the baby’s birth with a family reunion.

Through Instagram, the daughter of Melissa Klug He shared images of the pink decoration he made in his home and dedicated an emotional message for his first-born.

“Love of my life, happy first month, you are a magnificent being of light, a little angel and you deserve everything in this life, you have stolen my heart. I didn’t know that I could love the way I love you. You are the queen of my life and the best thing that has happened to me ”, wrote the veteran about a photograph of her baby.

Moments later, Samahara Lobatón published snapshots with her sisters Gianella Marquina Klug, Melissa Lobatón and the little son of Jefferson Farfán. In turn, Youna also used her social networks to share with her followers the happy moment she lived with her family.

As you remember, The second of Melissa Klug’s cocky girls became a mother for the first time last Thursday, October 15, months after engaging in a media brawl with his family. However, the differences took a backseat due to the arrival of the new member.

Melissa Klug and Abel Lobatón celebrate the birth of their granddaughter

About a month ago, Melissa Klug and Abel Lobatón confessed how excited they were to become grandparents, because they assured that the arrival of Samahara Lobatón’s daughter was in charge of uniting them as a family.

“Until now my heart explodes with happiness, you cannot imagine how beautiful and wonderful it has been to have my granddaughter in my arms (…) Everything has changed, that baby has united the family, we are all fascinated by her” , said the businesswoman.

On the other hand, the former soccer player said that he did not imagine being a grandfather so soon, but that he was glad the arrival of his granddaughter gave him immense joy.

Melissa Klug dedicates a tender message to her granddaughter

After Samahara Lobatón became mothers, Melissa Klug met her granddaughter and dedicated a message to the little girl by Instagram.

“My life has gone by a thousand since Xianna came into my world and my heart. I am a grandmother and I am happy! Today the feeling that I have in my heart is of pure joy and adrenaline. It’s my baby Xiana! Thank you all for your nice comments and taking a minute of your time to congratulate me on the arrival of my granddaughter ”, were the words of the businesswoman.

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Samahara Lobatón talks about her experience as a new mom

Shortly after giving birth to her daughter Xianna, Samahara Lobatón provided details about her experience as a new mom, during an interview with the program En boca de todos.

“Xianna arrived to gather the whole family. This makes me very happy, because we are all united and super good, “he said. “I am calm and happy. I am living one of the best stages of my life, ”added the young influencer, who highlighted the support she receives from her boyfriend Youna.

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