Samanta Tīna will climb on the big ‘Eurovision’ stage in a fine costume and wig

The LTV program “How to Win at Eurovision? Samantas Tīna’s Road to Rotterdam” allows you to look behind the scenes at the making of her stage costume. “stage?

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Samanta’s costume on the big “Eurovision” stage will be gorgeous – in her own favorite green color. It will be relatively heavy, and it will take dozens of hours to embroider it by hand and create a beautiful pattern.

“I saw the costume,” says the singer of the appearance of her stage costume, “someone will think I’m completely confused, but I saw it in my vision,” she emphasizes. The most difficult thing was to tell all this to the costume designer Kasher.

The costume will be green, and it is Samantha’s favorite color lately. It is amusing that Kasheris had prepared bluish details in the first time, and this did not worry Samant. However, it was just a sketch to understand the style of the costume, and the final version will truly be green. “The costume is the way I saw it, and I have to say a big thank you to Kasher here,” the singer rejoices.

Samantai will not have a classic “Eurovision” dress, her costume will be feminine. To brighten the image, wigs with long braids will also come to Rotterdam.

Fine embroidery for the dress is handmade. Decorating a neckline in half by knitters has taken more than 50 hours of work, and in a pandemic, finding the right materials is not so easy.

“Honestly, I’ve never deliberately wanted to surprise you with my visual image,” says the singer, emphasizing, “The costume is just a tool that helps on stage!”

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