Samantha Davies at the Vendee Globe: “Even a woman can win this race”

The beast is no longer alive. Sam Davies has grasped it by the wings in his pointed fingers and is looking at it, stretched out far away, with furrowed eyebrows. She seldom seen such a large specimen, she says on the satellite phone. “There were a couple of nights when the boat was bombarded by flying fish. That was pretty loud when they slapped the boat. ” They cost her many sleeps before she kicked the silver-colored, lifeless bodies with the big eyes off the ship again.

It is probably the most harmless encounter the Briton will have in the coming weeks.

Samantha Davies, 46, just called “Sam” among sailors, is currently taking part in the Vendée Globe, probably the toughest solo sailing regatta in the world. Alone and non-stop it goes around the globe. It’s around eighty days, sometimes under insane conditions, in which storms, ice and other things become real danger. Serious accidents have occurred repeatedly in the history of the race. Also dead. Sam Davies is one of only six women in the race. Offshore sailing is a male domain, and the Vendée Globe is a particularly bad one.

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