Sammy Pérez’s ex-partner: ‘I can’t go out to the street, because people tell me about things’

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- After the passing of Sammy perez, the former sentimental partner of the deceased, Zuleika Garza, was constantly attacked after the comedian’s relatives claimed that her bank accounts they were at zero.

Garza revealed that the accusations of the nephews of the comedian They have affected his personal life and the family with whom he lives.

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“My children have been very affected by all this, especially my daughter, recently I fainted, she has cardiac arrhythmia and her heart is a little sick. A few days ago she wanted to commit suicide because of everything they said, she is very depressive”, commented.

He also mentioned that someone leaked his home address and that because of this, every time he leaves his home, people criticizes and insults; This situation has also been experienced by their parents, who, according to their testimony, have presented a weak state of health as a result of attacks by others.

“They gave the address, I don’t know who, but they took photos of my parents’ house. I can’t go out to the street because people tell me about things, they tell my daughter about things and if I continue with all this, it will continue more and my daughter will be affected more ”, he explained.

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“My dad’s blood pressure went up to the top and his blood pressure and diabetes have been a little bad. Sometimes I say: ‘It’s the only thing I don’t want to talk about’, they start to see them, they start to tell them and this is never going to stop, “he lamented.

Likewise, Garza prefers not to speak about the question of whether or not she took the money, the result of the work of Sammy Pérez.

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