Samsung announces partnership with TikTok and launches new music platform StemDrop

Samsung announces partnership with TikTok and launches new music platform StemDrop

IT House reported on October 19 that Samsung and TikTok announced a new partnership to democratize music production, allowing TikTok users around the world to showcase their talents and create music with famous artists.

The two companies have now teamed up to launch a new international music discovery platform called StemDrop, which they describe as “the next evolution in music collaboration”.

StemDrop will officially launch on TikTok on October 26th. According to reports, Samsung and TikTok have established cooperation with Syco Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Republic Records.

According to reports, well-known artist Max Martin will also release a 60-second original new single for StemDrop, which creators can use to create their own mixes, including vocals, drums, basslines, and more.

IT House learned that the main purpose of Samsung’s cooperation is to promote its new mobile phone, and it hopes that creators will use the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to make music videos. The company encourages TikTok users to use the flip phone’s FlexCam feature to create and share their own music videos.

In addition, Samsung has launched “StemDrop Mixer”, which allows TikTok users of different levels to try their favorite melodies, harmonies and audio effects, create new mixes, and share them on the social media platform.Return to Sohu, see more


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