Samsung Expert RAW Camera App… Added support for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Support for the latest foldable smartphone ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’ has been added to the Samsung Electronics Expert RAW camera app support target.

In the latest version of Samsung Expert RAW (, in addition to supporting Galaxy Z Fold 4, new support for ‘Custom Preset’ and improved image quality in low light.

The ‘Expert RAW’ camera app expands the capabilities of the camera. Users can use Linear DNG 16-bit raw with extended dynamic range to create better photos from dark to light. It also allows full manual control over the camera, including ISO, focus, shutter speed, and more.

Samsung Electronics first introduced the Expert RAW camera app to the Galaxy S21 Ultra model, and since then, support has been added to the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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