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Samsung Galaxy A20e as a hit of the week at Lidl: no bargain!


At first glance, the new Lidl brochure promises to be a real highlight. Instead of 179 euros, the Samsung Galaxy A20e at Lidl only costs 149 euros; is 30 euros cheaper than regular. A starter package for the Lidl Connect Smart S tariff is included, but you can also use the phone with any other SIM card. And even if it looks at first glance as if Lidl has pulled a really good smartphone deal out of its hat, a quick look shows that this is not the case.

Samsung Galaxy A20e at Lidl – Fair yes, bargain no

Because today you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A20e for around 145 euros at Saturn or real. Various other shops also offer the smartphone for less than 145 euros. Even in the Lidl online shop you can get it today for 149 euros. In addition, when ordering online, there are just under 5 euros for shipping. And then that would be the special offer from mobilcom-debitel. From today you can get it there temporarily for only 135 euros.

So it turns out: The 149 euro offer for the Samsung Galaxy A20e at Lidl is a fair offer. But the smartphone is not a hit of the week, as advertised in the current Lidl brochure. For that Lidl should have undercut the price of the competition.

What can the Samsung Galaxy A20e do?

Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy A20e is equipped with a 5.8-inch display (720 x 1,560 pixel resolution) and an up to 1.6 GHz fast octa-core processor. The latter is supported by 3 GB of RAM. There is space in the 32 GB flash memory for personal data. On the back you will find a dual camera (13 + 5 megapixels) and a fingerprint sensor. Such equipment used to be a highlight, nowadays it can be classified as an entry-level model.

By the way: If you are looking for a smartphone in the price range set by Lidl, you should also take a look at our hit list for the best cellphones under 200 euros. Because there you will quickly find that you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A40 for around 40 euros more. And the Samsung Galaxy A30 is also available for less than 200 euros. The leaderboard also shows you that there are already some smartphones with 64 GB storage available for around 150 euros. This is double what the Samsung Galaxy A20e offers you.

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Samsung Galaxy A20e: This is Samsung’s new beginner

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