Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could arrive with a front camera under the main screen

We all remember the first Samsung Galaxy Fold which incorporated a huge notch on its main screen that did not help much aesthetics. This year we have the Galaxy Z Fold 2 which left that notch behind and replaced it with a hole for its front camera.

Well it seems that with the arrival of the next Galaxy Z Fold 3 we would again have a change in the location of the front camera that we can see on the main screen.

According to rumors, Samsung would be working so that said camera is now below the main screen of the company’s next folding, in addition to an image correction algorithm so that the photos are of better quality.

The screen would be manufactured by Samsung Display, while the camera sensor that would be hidden under the screen would be manufactured by Samsung Electronics System LSI.

The new Samsung folding should reach the market during the third quarter of next year and should be named Galaxy Z Fold 3. In addition, it is said that only this model would have the camera under the screen, as the Galaxy S21 will keep you win.

Still do not know the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2? I leave you with our complete review below:


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