Samsung is preparing a Galaxy Tab S7 Lite

Samsung made the news earlier this year with its Galaxy S21 smartphones, but the manufacturer is not done with mobile products and new tablets are in the works.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Credit: Samsung

In a market completely dominated by the iPad and its many variations, there are few manufacturers who come to rub shoulders with Apple. Amazon is part of it with the Fire range, but mainly on the entry level. Samsung is one of the few who still dares to venture into the mid / high end of tablets with the Tab family.

Released in the coming weeks?

The rumor announces that a new model, the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite (or Tab S8e), is in the pipes of the manufacturer. This tablet is available in four models, SM-T730, T735, T736B and T736N, behind which lie the differences in connectivity: Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and 5G (a reference below 6 GHz and the other that could access millimeter waves mmWave). let’s remember that the Galaxy Tab S7 was the first 5G compatible tablet from Samsung, but it was high end.

There is still a lot of information missing on this Tab S7 Lite, such as the screen size, the reference of the processor, the photo capacities, the storage … However, it is also rumored that there could be Plus and / or XL! Should we bet on a bigger screen or better performance? Difficult to say at the moment even if the hypothesis of a larger slab holds the cord.

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in the first quarter. The manufacturer should logically respect this schedule and we can expect an announcement in the coming weeks. Hoping that the price is placed at the right level, maybe even a little lower than the Tab S6 Lite sold at around 400 €.

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