Samsung is the throat of the new smartphone category. For the competition


Samsung currently sells the generation of its folding models Z Fold 2 a Z Flip 5G. Dal models should be presented in lt and it is speculated that the offer of roz. There is not much competition in this segment. One lid in the second generation offers Motorola and Huawei recently introduced the second generation tact skldacho model Mate X2.

Samsung is thus the market leader in folding display phones with a flexible display. Its concept (or the same use of Motorola) took on the best, as evidenced by the new Huawei, which peel on it. The difference was whether the flexible display should be inside or outside the device. Since the arrest, Samsung has bet on the first option, which also applies to Motorola.

Huawei, on the other hand, used a flexible HV display in the first generation of the Mate X model. The same construction then me exotick nsk Royole, but it is not in the world.

The category of folding phones is bag young, so we can go to other concepts, we are still gaining a foothold in the market. Some manufacturers have a bag for Samsung and will remove the flexible display from it. Tk se to nskch Oppo and Xiaomi.

Like uvd south korean portl The Elec, the Xiaomi and Oppo brands also negotiated with competing manufacturers of flexible displays, such as the German companies Visionox, CSOT and Boe. The last of them will supply flexible Motorola and Huawei panels, Motorola will also use panels from CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology).

Both companies are developing somewhat different devices. Xiaomi is preparing a phone similar to the Samsung Z Fold 2, a large device with an internal flexible display with an 8.03-inch flap. Zejm a prototype of this phone appeared in leaked photos. On them, the device is placed in an unsightly protective frame, which is used in the prototype.

Oppo, on the other hand, should prepare another concept, similar to Motorola Razr or Samsung Z Flip. So it will be great, as the rest of the recent niches. Only one is a conventional approach, ie a lid with a large flexible display inside and less on the top. Kind of then unusual concept with two joints, take by se telefon skldal na tetiny.

The first variant is probably. You can then view it in the gallery. Oppo and Xiaomi will not be the only two characters that will present a mobile phone with a flexible display this year. In part takov telefony vyvj TCL, which basically only for a while, when the necessary units become so cheap that they can compile an affordable device. And you LG unveiled a phone with a scrolling display in January. Only the whole mobile division of LG is closed, also above this point there are more questions.



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