Samsung plans to launch successor to 5G …

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The new 5G mobile communication technology is just beginning to be marketed when Samsung already imagines its successor. In a white paper published Tuesday, the South Korean manufacturer claims that 6G will be launched in 2028 in a reduced number of sites and deployed massively around 2030.

“In general, it takes 10 years from the start of research to the commercialization of a new generation of communications technology,” said Sunghyun Choi, head of Samsung’s research center, in the report.

High definition holograms

According to Samsung, 6G could introduce technologies like immersive extended reality, mobile hologram in high definition and digital replica. And would allow downloads by users of 1 gigabyte per second, notes the PhonAndroid website.

In another white paper published last January, the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo predicted that 6G would be 100 times faster than 5G and would cover the entire planet using satellites, reported Futura-Sciences magazine.


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