Technology Samsung presents its new QLED 8K TVs thinking about...

Samsung presents its new QLED 8K TVs thinking about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Samsung today presented its new offer of QLED 8K and 4K TVs by 2020 in Malta, with special emphasis on what will be its flagship model, the Q950TS QLED 8K, the flagship model of the Korean brand for the Olympics that are coming this summer in Japan. “Television sales are associated with major sporting events, this year many Spanish homes will change their television to watch the Olympics,” Nacho Monje, marketing director for Spain and Portugal at Samsung, explained during the presentation.

Although this resolution is far from settled, Samsung expects 8K TVs to record a significant sales surge this year. Specifically five times higher than last year. A good part of the South Korean hopes, as we mentioned, are deposited in the Q950TS model. The TV will be available in three sizes (65, 75 and 85 inches). This model stands out mainly for its construction. Its end-to-end image occupies 99% of the television space and its thickness is summed up to 15 millimeters. According to this data, it is the finest television ever made by the company.

The screen, in turn, is accompanied by six active speakers to achieve sound with voice amplification capabilities. It works automatically and has tracking of image objects to simulate movement with sound. With this sound amplification we try to solve a very common problem, which is to highlight only the voices when there is noise in the room. From the firm they also promise greater effort in sound quality and 3D audio sensation.

As for the image, it is still committed to QLED panels with 100% volume of color and, according to the company, work has been done to improve the durability of the panels, both 4K and 8K. In turn, the adaptive image has been implemented, a technology that allows the image to change depending on the ambient light. “Television should adapt to the environment and not vice versa,” said Nathan Sheffield, Samsung TV director, in this regard.

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Also with that motivation, the technology has chosen to enhance its Lifestyle range, consisting of screens designed to blend in with the room. Among the new exponents is The Frame. With dimensions of 35 or 75 inches, this TV pretends to be a picture hanging on the wall when it is turned off. The Serif has also been shown, with a size of 47 inches, and finally, The Sero. The latter is available in 43 inches and has 4k resolution. In turn, it allows the user to consume content both vertically and horizontally, in the line of a “smartphone”.

Lack of content
As we said, the 8K is still far from being seated. Beyond the prices of compatible televisions with this technology, which are prohibitive for most users, there is a basic problem, which is the lack of content compatible with that resolution. However, Samsung is confident that consumers will be satisfied, for the moment, with the rescued image it offers. “The same thing happened with 8k as with the rest of the resolutions, at the beginning there is little content and we have to climb,” said Antonio Rull, Samsung training manager.

Although, at the moment it has not revealed the prices of the new devices, Samsung states that it is trying to make the 8K reach as many users as possible. And that is the reason why they offer a wide variety of sizes in their products. “We want to democratize the 8K, which is why the range of sizes is increasing every time and with that the prices go down,” said Monk in this regard.

On the other hand, Samsun has announced the integration of the Disney + platform as soon as it is available in Spain and the commitment to use all attendees on their televisions, Bixby, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. .


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