Samsung Releases One UI 4 Beta 3 Update Adds New Widgets, Removes Ads, and Improves Minor Animations

In addition to the release of hardware Samsung have launched new products come out a lot, not a lot Especially the new operating system Android 12 that will cover with the latest One UI 4 is considered Beta 3. In this round, there are many changes as well.

  • Some new widget improvements, such as small and large weather.
  • Improved animation rendering to make it look more fluid.
  • Fix internal bugs, for example if suddenly It’s already in use and the UI appears to close itself or Force Close, plus it looks similar to when it was presented last night.

There have also been improvements since reporting which apps have access to what, whether the camera or microphone is on or not. and can adjust the UI as you like, etc.

For this new update will have to change how much will have to wait to follow. because it is expected that soon will be released for real use


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