Samsung unveils the OLED Flex Hybrid screen, which can be folded and slid

Samsung is the pioneer of mobile phones OLED Showcasing its latest innovations: Flex Hybrid OLED. This is an OLED panel designed for future devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops that can fold and slide. This panel can be folded on one side and extended (by sliding) on ​​the other, making the compact device even larger.

10.5-inch Flex Hybrid OLED display samsung screen It has an aspect ratio of 4:3, and can be opened on one side to transform it into a 12.4-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16:10. When fully open, it can be a great screen for watching videos, with its inky blacks, near-perfect viewing angles, and high brightness. Samsung will show this OLED panel at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, USA.

Samsung Display will also offer two more OLED panels that can be opened. The Flex Slidable Solo is a 14-inch OLED panel that transforms into a 17.3-inch display when opened on one side. Flex Slidable Duet is an OLED panel that stretches from two sides to convert a 14-inch screen into a 17.3-inch screen. These boards were shown off in September 2022 at Intel Innovation 2022. Now, they’re showing off for the first time at CES 2023.

These new OLED panels will make it possible to create advanced compact devices that can still pack large screens, turning mobile devices into convenient professionals when needed. We don’t expect devices using these screens to launch anytime soon. Samsung MX (Samsung’s mobile arm) is It is rumored that he is developing a tablet that can fold in twice.

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