Samsung would launch its under-screen camera technology on the Galaxy Z Fold3

For now, no manufacturer has managed to launch the first smartphone with a selfie camera below the screen, but that could soon change thanks to the Korean company Samsung. The future Galaxy Z Flod3 would arrive with the first camera under the screen.

According to the source, an industry insider, claims that Samsung Display has developed a screen that will support UDC, or better known as an under-screen camera.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 would equip an under-screen camera

To take the next step to achieve a totally clean design on the front and only be able to see the display, it is necessary to adopt the technology of a photographic sensor under the panel, although there are also options such as the pop-up camera.

The space between the pixels has been made wider to allow the passage of light. Even so, special algorithms are needed to correct the image as the OLED screen layer refracts light. The camera module will be supplied by Samsung LSI.

Only the area above the camera lens has wider gapsas this affects the image quality of the screen. We can see a sample taken from the Axon 20 model to get an idea of ​​how it would be implemented by Samsung, as it uses a similar approach for its camera under the screen.

Without a doubt, this new technology represents a great challenge for all smartphone companies. But it seems that it is getting closer to being something marketable. Last year, Oppo claimed that the photographic quality of its under-screen camera was not the best.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is expected to be unveiled in Q3 2021. The adoption of UDC will help solidify its position as the new flagship, while the Galaxy Note lines are set to merge.

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