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Samsung’s C-Lab project this year includes a guitar with LED indicators

Samsung ZamStar

Almost doneAnnual tradition, Samsung released the latest concept product of C-Lab on the eve of CES in 2022, hoping to decide whether to officially commercialize it after obtaining user feedback.

This year’s protagonist is this one in the picture above ZamStar, By combining a special guitar and app, it makes guitar learning easier, and it is also convenient to play together with other people. The special guitar named ZamString has a small LED bulb hidden in the fingerboard, which allows you to see the position of your fingers more intuitively. The app part is to make it easier for you to record your part of the ensemble and synchronize with other people’s parts after adding effects.

Pilot It is described by Samsung as an “AI solution that helps children build correct mobile phone habits.” It’s pretty vague from the description, but its goal is to let children learn “self-made skills” and make the “right choice” on smart devices. It’s probably something to prevent children from playing too much on mobile phones. The function of the game for a long time.Finally Innovision, A set of equipment used in the baby room to detect early signs of strabismus or other vision-related diseases.

In addition to the C-Lab project, Samsung has also funded and assisted nine external start-ups, including a Petnow solution for AI biometrics for pets. All these projects will be displayed in Samsung’s CES exhibition area, and it seems that Samsung has no signs of retiring.

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