Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 supports crypto wallets

Samsung announced a new line of smartphones during its “Galaxy Unpacked” event this week. The new Galaxy S20 models have advanced cameras, 5G technology and can safely store digital cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies no longer emphasized sales argument as with the S10

Unlike Samsung’s latest line of mobile phones, the Galaxy S10, the new S20 models have no longer received cryptocurrency support in the same framework. While Samsung used to advertise its own blockchain keystore, announce new coins – and finally even added Bitcoin – crypto or blockchain is hardly mentioned today. However, this does not mean that Samsung is turning away from the new technology. It just doesn’t seem to be the “unique selling proposition” of 2020 anymore. However, the developers at Samsung don’t seem to be taking a step backwards.

The only indication of a change is on Samsung’s official website. On which it is said that the S20 Galaxy models contain a secure processor that “keeps your PIN, your password, your pattern and the private key of your crypto wallet” safe. There are no further details about which coins are supported and how many apps or dapps can access crypto support.

Is the hype surrounding blockchain smartphones over?

However, if you look at previous models, this could provide information about which direction Samsung wants to go in the future. The Galaxy S10 included a secure path for storing private keys, which in turn were kept by the security platform Knox. This is connected to the blockchain keystore app from Samsung. This allows users to view their account balance and send and receive money, i.e. digital currencies. So if you consider that the new Galaxy S20 also has Knox’s security platform, it is quite possible that it will continue to have the same functions.

For the new devices, Samsung has probably put the focus on 5G technology and the further improved cameras. Thanks to the new “Super Resolution Zoom”, photos can now be enlarged up to 30 times. Whether Samsung is back on blockchain and the next flagship. we will probably only find out in a year. Given the recent partnership with Salesforce, it can be assumed that Samsung will stay on the ball.

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