Samsung’s QD-OLED distribution is accelerated, but next-generation panels are being developed with efficiency and cost in mind

Samsung is developing a next-generation panel with efficiency and price competitiveness in its QD-OLED.

This content was mentioned at the SID 2022 review symposium by Professor Kwon Kwon Hyuk of Kyunghee University held on May 18th, and he said, “Samsung Display is developing and researching panels that have improved QD-OLED lifespan, efficiency, and price compared to existing ones.” said.

In addition, QD-OLED is currently using 2 in the number of glass substrates including the chord light emitter, but it can be reduced to 1 in the future, improving the yield of the overall manufacturing line and improving the panel production cost.

Regarding the development of this next-generation QD-OLED, Professor Kwon said, “I know that we plan to make tangible results within this year.”

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