Samsung’s tablet and smartwatch timetable for 2022 exposed

Expectations for Samsung on the way into 2022 are high. It’s not just about them Galaxy S22-Smartphones. There were already several Galaxy Tab S8 Series Rumors, new wireless headphones, smartwatches and laptops. Samsung has now apparently shared its roadmap for 2022 with up to thirty business partners in South Korea and doing it Production plans and dates revealed.

Samsung’s release schedule for 2022

The table is from Tippgeber FrontTron and reveals four variants of the Galaxy Tab S8: the base model, a lite variant, the Tab S8, Tab S8 + and the top model Tab S8 Ultra. The series should go into production sometime in the second quarter of 2022, while the Lite model is expected to follow in the fourth quarter. Based on the information, Samsung plans to produce 1.6 million units of the Tab S8 Lite and 1.2 million units of the regular Tab S8. The Plus and Ultra models are to be manufactured in smaller quantities of 900,000 and 400,000 respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 / Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Also with the Tab A8 and the Tab A7 Lite, two entry-level tablets are listed that will go into production between Q1 and Q4 2022. With 11 million units each, the numbers are significantly larger.

In the field of smartwatches, Samsung plans to produce 4.8 million units of the upcoming Galaxy Watch5 in the fourth quarter. The Galaxy Buds Pro2 and Buds Live2 are also expected sometime in Q2-Q3. Samsung plans to manufacture 3.3 million units of the Buds Live2 and 3.1 million Buds Pro2.

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