Samuel L. Jackson Tales of the Slave Trade in Documentary Series

In the first episode ofSlaves (Enslaved) the actor travels to Gabon, in Central Africa, to discover his origins, after having passed a DNA test which allows him to identify the tribe of his ancestors.

In six episodes, the series weaves three parallel narratives: the personal quest of Samuel L. Jackson, the diving search for ships carrying slaves stranded at sea, and the story of the transatlantic slave trade told by two journalists from investigation.

Canadian Simcha Jacobovici is one of these two journalists, and he is also the director of the series, a Canadian-British co-production.

Slaves is part of a special program announced by Radio-Canada on the occasion of Black History Month. Documentaries and specials will be presented on the various platforms of the public broadcaster throughout the month of February.

ICI Télé must, among other things, present the documentary The city of others next February 27. This film is an immersion in the life of residents of the HLM Saint-Pie X complex, the largest in Quebec, where the majority of immigrant refugees live.

Series Slaves is available on ICI’s Extra from February 28, and will be broadcast every Thursday at 8 p.m. on ICI RDI, from January 28 to March 4.

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