Samuel’s first goals! James Rodríguez teaches his son to play soccer: this is the video

This week, in an interview with the Colombian Soccer Federation, James spoke about his family and especially about Samuel. He said he was not excited that he would follow in his footsteps as a footballer.

James Rodríguez and Samuel Rodríguez

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James Rodríguez and Samuel Rodríguez

This Thursday, the Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez published a funny video in which he appears with his son Samuel. In the images shared on his Instagram profile, the English Everton player plays ball with the minor, who laughs at his father.

The publication has received hundreds of messages from its followers and at night it already had more than two million views.

Just this week, in an interview with the Colombian Soccer Federation, James spoke about his family and especially about Samuel. When asked if he wanted the child to follow in his footsteps as a footballer in the future, he said he did not want it.

“I would not like it very much, it is a very hard profession, sometimes unfair. I will not force him to do what I want, if he likes and is passionate about something, let him do it with passion and be happy, “he said.

In another part of the conversation, the flyer claimed to be happy to be a father for the second time. “I’m happy with Samu, I didn’t have a baby for a long time. Salomé is 7 years old, so it’s a nice experience. I want my children to be good people, “he said.

He also stated that his children are the protagonists of his tattoos: “I have my daughter Salo’s and her time of birth, I’m waiting for Samu to grow up to make my face of him.”

James Rodriguez Everton

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James Rodriguez Everton

This week the footballer was a substitute in the match his team played against Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds for a new Premier League date. Faced with rumors of a possible estrangement with coach Carlo Ancelotti, James gave an interview this Friday in which he highlighted his closeness with the Italian, who previously directed him at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

“When I thought of coming I thought of him, he knows well how to like a player, I’ve known him for many years and we have a fantastic relationship, like a father and son“, said.

In the interview, he stated that he hopes to improve his performance.

“There is more to go, I can be at a better level, I was away for a month and that had a lot of influence, but when I did things well the team felt it; it’s what I want, my team to play good football and be at a high level, “he said.

Likewise, he spoke about the objectives his team has for the final part of the season: “You have to go to the Champions League and fight above. In the last two games we weren’t good, but in this Premier League every game is a final, it’s a war, that’s what we’re for. Today you have a bad game and in three days you win 3-0. You have to be well, with a strong mind and prepared for what is coming, which is going to be tough ”.

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