“Samutsakorn” found 47 additional cases of COVID-19 from aggressive research, 38 found in hospitals, 9 found no infected people in the big factory.

Samut Sakhon found 47 additional new COVID-19 cases, 38 of which were proactive search, 9 were detected in hospitals, while large factories did not find any. Accumulated illnesses since the new outbreak was 16,587.

Today (7 Mar) Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office Number of people infected with COVID-19 report In Samut Sakhon Province, at 24.00 on March 6, 64, 47 new cases of infection were found, 38 of whom were infected by proactive screening in the community, 11 of which were foreigners. 27 out of the hospital findings, 9 were Thai nationals, 3 were foreigners, 6 were from a large factory internal examination or Buble & Sealed, no infected persons were found.

Total number of COVID-19 cases Collected in Samut Sakhon Since the new outbreak at 16,587 cases, 13,566 cases of proactive screening were found, 1,415 were Thais, 12,151 foreign cases, 2,995 hospital examinations were found, 1,599 were Thais. 1,396 national cases, 26 cases of infection in large factories or Buble & Sealed, 3 were Thais, 23 foreigners, 16,297 cases of cured / sold cases (an increase from 37 previous days), 2,902 Thai nationals. (24 more) Foreign 13,395 (increased 13 cases) 7 deaths

A total of 283 infected people were in treatment, 159 were hospitalized, 109 were Thai, 50 foreigners were in detention facilities for observation, 124 were all foreign.

On March 5, there were 2,038 proactive investigations in the community, receiving 2,126 additional laboratory tests, including the number of proactive investigations in the community since the infection was found. COVID-19 From the shrimp central market on December 17, 20, a total of 209,058 cases have been performed, 209,055 laboratory results have been received, with a total of 13,566 positive results (found infection).


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