San Francisco – Kansas City, a new and exciting Super Bowl

An original and tantalizing Super Bowl will oppose, for its 54th edition on February 2, Kansas City to San Francisco who brilliantly qualified, respectively at the expense of Tennessee (35-24) and Green Bay (37-20), Sunday in the finals of NFL conferences. Red and more red. The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will be monochrome in two weeks, but should not be monotonous at the level of the spectacle, a year after the “Super Bore” (the super-boring) that had been the sixth crown of New England against the Los Angeles Rams (13-3). Especially if we trust the lively and daring game proposed by the two finalists.

It had been fifty years, and the coronation obtained at the expense of Minnesota, that the Chiefs were waiting to renew with the Super Bowl, of which they had also lost the first edition against Green Bay. Beaten after extra time last year in the American conference final by Tom Brady’s Patriots, this time they forced their fate by putting it in the hands of a Patrick Mahomes at the top of his game.


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Mahomes well protected

The MVP of last season, who has undeniably gained in maturity and self-confidence in these play-offs, was the great man of this meeting. He was at the origin and conclusion of four of his team’s five touchdowns. In its wake, the best attack of the NFL took the upper hand over the formidable defense of the Titans, which had known how to foil New England then Baltimore, yet favorite with in its ranks the new star Lamar Jackson.

This time, Tennessee could not face the inspirations of Mahomes who excelled in all areas: short passes, long passes, runs. While having been extremely well helped by the hard work of protecting his offensive line. “I’m lucky to be part of this team with all these guys who make my job so much easier“, also said afterwards Mahomes (294 yards passing, 23 successful throws).

After a first touchdown for Tennessee (10-0), on the run by Derrick Henry, the Chiefs ‘most feared offensive weapon who no longer weighed in afterwards, the Chiefs’ QB found Tyreek Hill for the first time ( 10-7), then a second time before the break to further reduce the gap (17-14). Doubt then invaded the Titans, who feared his throws so much that they left him spaces. He sanctioned them with a superb touchdown in the 27-yard race, which for the first time gave the advantage to the franchise of Missouri (21-17).

Mostert the hero

In the final quarter, Kansas City accentuated it with a fourth touchdown from Damien Williams in the race, then a last from Sammy Watkins upon receiving a pass, 60 yards long, from Mahomes (35-17 ) in the form of an apotheosis.

In San Francisco, in the wake of the unstoppable running-back Raheem Mostert, author of their four touchdowns in the race, the 49ers left the Packers no chance. They also made too many mistakes in the first half against Californians happy to lead 27-0 at the break.

It’s just one of those matches where once we’re all in the same movement, we say to ourselves: come on let’s continue together like this, we don’t stop. And that’s what we did“, commented the hero of the day humbly.

Aaron Rodgers, who dreamed of playing a second final at 36, nine years after the title won against Pittsburgh, has been sacked three times. He nevertheless showed pride in the second half, finding Aaron Jones and Jace Sternberger in the in-goal. But San Francisco, which leaned little on the arm of quarterback Jimmy Garopppolo, had taken too far ahead thanks to Mostert (220 yards traveled). His feat has also made untenable, on the edge of the field, the former glory Jerry Rice, who had managed three touchdowns during the last coronation of the 49ers, in 1995 against San Diego.


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