Sport San Luis vs. Leon (3-1); The beast exposes the...

San Luis vs. Leon (3-1); The beast exposes the leadership


Surprising defeat that took this Friday on Lion on his visit to saint Louis, falling 3-1 in the Alfonso Lastras, at stake that inaugurated Date 6 of 2020 closing. The Emerald team not only lost a streak of three consecutive games with triumph, but also risked the lead.

La Fiera stayed with 12 units in the first position, but Cougars (eleven), Juarez (10) and America (10), they could take away the lead this weekend, and if they won all three teams, they would send the Green bellies to the fourth position.

A round match for the potosino team, which needed a win of this caliber, before the tournament leader, especially after last week was beaten by Pumas 4-0 in his visit to CU.

Atleti was the one who opened the scoring at 25 minutes for a penalty that converted properly Nicolás Ibáñez, who was the figure of the match because at 51 ‘he scored his second goal of the match, taking advantage that the emerald defense was badly stopped and defined with an open goal before the exit of Rodolfo Cota.

In the first half, Lion had matched the score momentarily after the first goal of Ibáñez, thanks to a good goal from Leonardo Ramos to 27 ‘, when defining left-handed within the area, with what seemed that the visit normalized the situation and could even turn around the encounter.

Nevertheless, Lion failed in the defense in the second half, allowed the goal of Ibáñez for 2-1, and the San Luis closed the victory at 61 ‘, with another goal but now by Germán Berterame, who was alive in a deflection after a free kick that hit the barrier, won the space to two defenses of the Lion and finished in the small area at point blank range, without Dimension I could do something.

The triumph allowed the potosinos will reach nine units and climb to the sixth position of the table, for a team of Guillermo Vazquez who will now have the task of showing the same face when he goes out to visit.




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