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San Martin University drew 1-1 with UTC by date 7 of Phase 2. The match was dynamic from beginning to end, so this result was little reward for what both teams offered in the Buenos Aires stadium.

Santiago Rebagliati opened the scoring for the albos with a good shot from a free kick, while the experienced Mauro Guevgeozián got the equalizer with a great header, after a stopped ball cross.

San Martín University and UTC They advanced lines in search of victory, but none could keep the three points of this great match between those of Héctor Bidoglio and those of Franco Navarro.

“Happy for the goal, but a bit sad because we got 1 point. They are a great team, but we were on the rise and we wanted to win. There are still 2 dates left, ”said the forward of the Santa Anita squad after the game.

“The team fought and we rescued a draw. San Martín is a team that plays very well and that is why we value the point. We are doing a good campaign and that stands out ”, said, for his part, the scorer of the goal of the Cajamarca team.

For the next day, and the penultimate of the year, San Martin University will face Academia Cantolao, while UTC He will do the same when he faces Roberto Mosquera’s Sporting Cristal.

San Martín University vs. UTC: post match

San Martín University vs. UTC: thus formed

San Martín University vs. UTC: this was the minute by minute

San Martín University vs. UTC: the previous

The present of the San Martin University is as follows: second in group A, with 12 units. And in the general table it is in position 10 with 33 points. Above, in the last two dates they added three with Atlético Grau and Universitario.

“We have achieved a very important victory for us. We played it with patience and order, then the goals came. We know that it is a young team with a great future. There are many points to dispute that allow us to do it in the best way and think about new goals “, mentioned the ‘teacher’ Héctor Bidoglio.

Now what is the reality of UTC? Beyond the last defeat with Alianza Universidad, he had a regularity of eight undefeated matches. With that base in the general they march in fifth place and with 40 units. And in Phase 2 they are third with eleven points.

“It hurts us, it hurts us to be outmatched today for not being able to add. Just as in triumphs you have to turn the page, now we have four or five days to recover “, said DT Franco Navarro after the fall against the Huánuco team.

We will see if the San Martin University sustains the streak and achieves his third consecutive victory or if UTC recovers the step and shows that the crash against University Alliance it was just an accident.



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