San Mateo Atenco will help pay for oxygen and medicine against covid

Alondra Avila

Toluca / 16.01.2021 18:24:10

The San Mateo Atenco city council will support up to 3,000 pesos to patients with covid19, for the purchase of drugs, oxygen, oximeters or whatever they require to support their economy. In a first stage, there will be a fund of one million pesos, and according to the number of requests, the amount will increase.

According to the municipal president, Julio César Serrano González, these supports are intended for low-income people, so the delivery will be made after a socioeconomic study.

“The objective is to give them support, support so that they do not see their health diminished. We started this program a year ago with an amount of up to 2,000 pesos, but given the situation and the rebound in cases throughout the country, We will carry this support for up to 3,000 pesos”.

If you are interested you must …

The beneficiaries must prove that they are positive patients or in treatment from covid19, with prescription or diagnosis from an official institution. Likewise, be residents of the municipality and support your expenses with the invoice corresponding issued by a pharmacy or business related to supplies according to the treatment of this disease.

The details of the operating rules may be consulted through institutional social networks and the web portal:

According to the Instituto de Salud del Estado de México (ISEM), San Mateo Atenco registers 764 confirmed cases and 119 deaths.



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