San Miguel: Woman denounced party and was beaten until she was unconscious

Elsa Aybar Guillén, 54, was physically assaulted until she was unconscious at dawn this Wednesday after reporting to the police that there was a party in a house in the 23 block of Costanera Avenue in San Miguel, an activity prohibited by the state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to relatives of the victim, the woman was beaten by three men and two women, neighbors of the place who would have attended the party, after learning of Aybar Guillén’s complaint.

“After they found out that my mother went (to denounce them) they burst the door and that’s where They drag her, throw her to the floor, kick her […] her face is disfigured and apparently they have put a knife on her because she has a cut below the eyebrow, on the eyelid, “Fiorella Rojas, daughter of the victim, told RPP.

Aybar Guillén had gone to the San Miguel police station to make his complaint and was accompanied by two policemen to the place where he reported the party, but upon arrival there was no longer any music and the lights in the house were off. The agents chose to leave and the woman returned to her home. Minutes later They knocked on her door and when she left she was brutally attacked until she was lying on the floor.

The woman was left with a bruised face and was transferred to the Daniel Alcides Carrión del Callao hospital, where she has regained consciousness and is treated for her injuries.

The neighbors and relatives of the victim ask the Police to investigate the case and find the aggressors. In addition, they denounced that in the house where the party was held these types of meetings are held constantly.


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