world Sánchez boasts missions to compensate for low military spending

Sánchez boasts missions to compensate for low military spending


Spain advocates "cohesion and unity" to design the future of NATO

Acting President Pedro Sánchez has today called for the modernization of NATO and its adaptation to new challenges: “There are no longer security challenges that threaten a single country and that is why we are obliged to commit to consensual solutions through of a reinforced and effective multilateralism, ”he stressed. The socialist leader asked to stimulate a reflection on the future of the Alliance, "From cohesion and unity", which determines how NATO we want to be for the next decades.

Within the framework of the NATO summit, Sanchez held bilateral meetings with the prime ministers of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Canada, Justin Trudeau, among others, and informal talks with various leaders, including the president of the United States. Donald Trump

Regarding the dialogue with the latter, Sánchez explained that the US president thanked him for the collaboration of the Spanish Army not only as a member of NATO but in coordination with US forces.

In any case, Trump is especially critical of those countries that do not meet the goal set on the horizon of allocating 2% of GDP to Defense and Spain is a long way. It currently allocates 0.92% of its GDP, being one of the three transatlantic allies that contributes less than 1%, together with Belgium (0.93%) and Luxembourg (0.55%).

Regarding his meeting with the Turkish president, Sánchez exchanged views on the opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries in the economic field and received an invitation from his counterpart to make an official visit to his country next year.

Erdogan thanked Spain for its decision to keep Patriot missile batteries at its Turkish military base in Incirlik, near the Syrian border, according to sources from the Spanish government after that meeting. Erdogan has caused controversy at this summit by threatening to block the expansion of the Alliance's defense plans in the Baltic countries and Poland if the body does not recognize Kurdish militias as terrorists. Despite the tensions that have surrounded this year's meeting, Sanchez said he sees "cohesion and consensus" within NATO.

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