Sanctioned and forced to apologize xenophobic Peruvian who insulted Venezuelan delivery man

Xenophobic Peruvian. Photo Twitter

A xenophobic Peruvian who humiliated a Venezuelan delivery man in Lima was fined by the Miraflores district municipality, based on an ordinance that promotes respect for equality and prohibits all forms of discrimination in the local entity.

I’m sick of you, it causes me to hit you, do you want me to send you to your damn country, son of a bitch? These are some of the phrases that the subject pronounces before the delivery man, whom he accused of breaking the bag of food. Libero from Peru

The municipality of Miraflores issued a sanction for 4,300 soles against the subject who attacked the delivery man and announced that it would inform the prosecution of the facts for the corresponding purposes.

The next day, the attacker, who identified himself as Guillermo Miranda, apologized through social networks. “Personally I want to apologize to you Junior Ramírez for making you feel so bad. There is no reason that can justify my attitude, ”he said among other things.

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