Sanctions do not prohibit Medvedchuk from using houses, cars and one of the largest yachts in the world – Bigus

In the opinion of investigative journalist Denis Bigus, the sanctions imposed on the real estate of the people’s deputy from the PLOZ Viktor Medvedchuk are just an “offensive slap in the face”, but it is really painful for him to get under the sanctions of business and aircraft.

The head of the political council of the OLE party, godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Viktor Medvedchuk, after falling under the sanctions, will continue to use his property and expensive transport, the project manager notes in a review on the YouTube channel. Denis Bigus.

He recalled that both according to official data and according to information obtained through investigations, Medvedchuk owns a huge closed territory and estate in Transcarpathia, near the village Zhdenievo, two mansions in Kiev – on Solomenka and in Pushcha-Voditsa, and about fifty more houses and apartments throughout Ukraine, including several apartments in the “Diamant” complex in the center of Kiev and the complex on Grushevsky, near the Verkhovna Rada …

“On Hrushevsky Medvedchuk is a neighbor with [президентом Украины Владимиром] Zelensky, so now he can defiantly not greet him in the elevator, “Bigus said.

Separately, the journalist mentioned Medvedchuk’s villa in Crimea, where, according to his information, the couple had hosted Putin as a guest. “You can’t impose particular sanctions on her, but maybe now he will not be allowed to travel there accompanied by police, otherwise there was such a bonus,” he added.

In addition, the People’s Deputy owns cars, which, according to the journalist, does not even make sense to list, and one of the most expensive yachts in the world – пятипалубной Royal Romance worth about $ 200 million.

The journalist noted that theoretically all this property is under sanctions, and the accounts are arrested.

“But there is one” but. “If you think that you will see Medvedchuk, who is looking for an inexpensive one-room apartment for rent somewhere in Poznyaky on OLX and rides next to you in the metro, then, of course, not. sanctions do not prohibit. And to have money in your pocket, you just need to use a card of any offshore company or take a handful of cash from the trunk. Real estate sanctions are such an insulting slap in the face when your fostered nest is not quite yours, “Bigus commented.

According to him, there are two things that are “really painful” for Medvedchuk in the sanctions – blocking of business, especially oil pipelineand aircraft.

Medvedchuk is one of the richest deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. He is one of the hundred richest Ukrainians according to the magazine NV. The publication estimated his fortune at $ 133 million, he is ranked 47th in the ranking.

NSDC decided to impose sanctions against 19 legal entities and eight individuals: five citizens of Russia (according to media reports, this family asset managers Medvedchuk) and three Ukrainians – Medvedchuk himself, his wife Oksana Marchenko and Natalia Lavrenyuk, which the media called common-law wife People’s Deputy from OPZH Taras Kozak. We decided to apply restrictions to these persons based on SBU investigation on article about financing of terrorism.

Zelensky 19 February decree №64/2021 enacted the decision Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine on sanctions against individuals and legal entities.


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